I’m going to present a talk at YOW! Connected in Melbourne. It’s my first time presenting at a international conference and my second time presenting anything in front of a professionnal audience. How exciting… and stressing!

When I was in university, I liked reading “post-mortems” papers where teams would explain how they went on a particular project, and how they could improve things. This is also the kind of material that we lacked when about a year ago we started a project using VIPER. My team and I were looking for any sort of feedback and experience with VIPER to help and guide us adopt this new design pattern.

After leading a team of developers for almost 8 months on a big enterprise project, using VIPER, and learning a lot as a result, we though it would be a good idea to share our experience with the community. If you’re interested in clean architecture, design patterns and iOS best practices or if you want to know more about what worked for us and what didn’t, come ask me questions at YOW Connected.

UPDATE: A video of the presentation is now available.